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Goodbye Macho Men Ficciones

In 1991, a 24 year old man called Kurt Cobain disrupted the music industry in turning his album ‘Nevermind’, a fragment punk rock culture, into a millionaire hit. The phenomenon realised an idea so powerful that it seemed inconceivable: overnight, a rockstar who pulverised all the male rockstar clichés slipped feminist, antiracist, and anti homophobic messages into an entire generation.

‘Au pair’ (is) slave-work in French En red,Planeta,Reportaje

Ilustración: Núria Frago

The famous au pair program is marketed as an intercultural experience for young people whilst they learn another language, but what is the au pair’s role? Do they work or not? Why are the majority of them women? Who makes the au pair’s bed? How much do you have to do to save on an English language course?

Romantic capitalism: no time for love Cuerpos

Ilustración: Señora Milton

The production system doesn’t care that you are drunk on love, horny, or in pain. Capitalism cages us in. It wants us to dedicate out time to work or consumption. Love is unproductive. Feminisms demand the reconciliation of work and family life, but, even more, we need a model that is compatible with pleasure and affective relationships.

Transiting fiction: trans bodies and crossroads in the entertainment business Back in Ficciones

Transiting fiction: trans bodies and crossroads in the entertainment business Back in 2014, the representation of a trans woman’s reality in Transparent received a positive reaction from the community despite the role being portrayed by a cis actor. Yet the issue of representation has greatly evolved since and the debate is alive now more than ever before. Aitzole Araneta, an activist who abandoned the acting world due to the transphobia she encountered, analyses this evolution.

‘CIStius, altius, fortiuis’: Olympic medals for normality Ficciones

Ilustración: Núria Frago

A Canadian cyclist takes the International Olympic Committee (ICO) to court and a trans American triathlete runs a world championship for the first time ever. Even though ICO and federations are making it difficult, trans and intersexual athletes are changing the understanding of gender in competitions and sports itself. And the Olympic Games are just about to begin

Zanele Muholi, photographer and lesbian activist: «Lesbians in South Africa must be seen as more than just victims» Uncategorized

Being from Tripytch, 2007. Zanele Muholi © Lee la entrevista en castellano Zanele Muholi (Umlazi, 1972) is a black and lesbian woman. Her work as a photographer shows the lives of diverse lesbians in South Africa, a group who suffers the disgrace of the «corrective» rapes.  However, women in her pictures are not just victims: Leer más

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